Great Church Mouse Trail

Etienne would like to invite everyone young & young at heart to a fun interactive “Great Church Mouse Trail” and to see and learn about our very special William Morris Stained Glass Windows on the way.  

Mice Louis & Gus have fun facts to discover - find out who connects the church to local and world history - Who connects the church to “The Lady with the Lamp” and some well-known Hollywood films?

Suzette (Etienne’s sister) who now lives in London knows the artists of the William Morris “Firm” says “it’s not all about the boys - girls can be artists too!”.

London based mice Sid & Harry work in Mr Morris’ stained-glass studio will tell you how glass is made.

You can play a game of Egyptian Marbles, make a crown or a sun catcher. 

Help the Mice to build Solomon’s Golden Temple out of Lego!

Have you ever wondered why a brass Eagle sits on a ball?  Or what a chalice is used for? Find out some fun facts connected to the “Tree of Jesse” such as Christmas Carols, a West End Musical & the name of a wine bottle.

Etienne & his friends look forward to seeing you.

For more information please contact Rosalyne 07781 127263

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