The WWII German Occupation of Alderney

This interesting tour visits various WWII German fortifications on the island of Alderney, including a large coastal defence gun battery, the remains of the only SS labour camp on British soil and its Commandant's tunnel, two underground tunnels built by mostly Russian forced labour under the Organisation Todt, a heavily fortified infantry Strongpoint and an infantry position built within an old Roman fort. 

£15  (excludes pre-organised charter flight, taxi and lunch - please contact Guide for details on start / end times)

8am departure from Guernsey / 6:45pm arrival back in Guernsey

Approx length of walk: 6 - 7 miles

How do I book?

Simply email your Guide using the links provided on this page to reserve your spot. Some Guides have their own website, which will include more information.

Silver Accredited Guide Tim Osborne