In Juliet's Footsteps

"The Potato Peel Pie Walk" - it's 1946, the island is recently liberated; follow in Juliet Ashton's footsteps, enjoy a scenic walk from Jerbourg Point through the lanes and paths of St Martin's along the picturesque coast. 

Enjoy poetry stops en-route read by the group, beautiful and a glimpse into life during the Occupation.

What was it really like during the Occupation?

Time: 9:45am - 12:45pm

Starting and finishing at Jerbourg bus stop.

Length of Walk: 3.5 miles

Ability: Ramble (steps and hills)

Price: £8

How do I book?

Simply email your Guide using the links provided on this page to reserve your spot. Some Guides have their own website, which will include more information.

Gold Accredited Guide Eric Grimsley

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