Tuesday Tales at the Farmhouse

The ‘guernsey’ jumper is so much more than just an item of clothing. It’s a heritage classic that represents a tradition that is still going strong to this day. Having been knitted on the island of Guernsey since the early 1800s, it has since become famously known across the globe. Originally, fishermen’s wives would knit jumpers for the whole family and pass on their patterns to their children thus making it a very special item for the islanders who owned them.

In addition to the jumpers, Guernsey knitwear has been exported since the 15th century and even Queen Elizabeth I and Admiral Lord Nelson were very fond of their Guernsey-made items.

Guernsey is also steeped in folklore history from the prehistoric passage near Lihou Island, the set of rocks known as the ‘Pea Stacks’ which fishermen would acknowledge as eerily resembling a monk, ruined dolmens, sacred sites, hauntings and much more.

As part of the Heritage Festival, the Farmhouse will be hosting an evening of themed gatherings in their outdoor garden gazebo, led by enthusiastic experts. This intimate setting is perfect for soaking up their knowledge and meeting some of the locals to hear about their own family history. Bean jar will also be served for £3.95pp. 

Family knitting stories - led by Caroline Drake from the Guernsey Tapestry – starting at 6.00pm – FREE TO ATTEND

Do you have a family pattern or a tale to tell? Then Caroline would like to hear them! You are invited to bring along your own patterns, photos, knitwear and the stories that come with them. This is a great opportunity for visitors to meet local knitwear owners and listen in on some of the fascinating anecdotes that have been passed down for generations. Caroline is the Director of the Guernsey Tapestry and a passionate ambassador when it comes to the history of the island’s knitting industry. She will be on hand to lead the discussion and answer any questions. This is intended to be a fun social gathering for those who want to either share or hear some interesting stories. With your permission, Caroline would like to upload these stories and photos to a website that is being launched that evening. It is hoped that this site will act as an archive for the 'guernsey' and its special place in the hearts of Guernsey people.

Folklore stories – with Soo Wellfair – starting at 7.30pm – FREE TO ATTEND

There is no shortage of legends and superstitions in Guernsey, and this is your chance to hear about some of the most intriguing ones surrounding witches, fairies, ghosts and much more. Gather round with a group as day turns to night while Silver Accredited guide Soo Wellfair sparks your imagination by bringing a wide range of stories to life, including some of the real lives of the people who have played a part within the island’s history. Unsolved mysteries lie ahead… 

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