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Island Occupation Trail

Island Occupation Trail

22.7 miles
464 m

1) Crown (Victoria) Pier

In the 13th century, this was a simple timber quay but by 1750 the old harbour has been created. Old warehouses along the seafront are now shops and restaurants, retaining many original features.

2) The Old Government House Hotel & Spa

3) German Naval Signals HQ

The last operational German signals HQ that was running up until 9 May 1945, using the Enigma code machines that were being decoded by the staff at Bletchley Park.

4) Grange Lodge Hotel

5) German Underground Hospital

The largest construction in the Channel Islands at 7,000 square metres, the underground hospital was hewn out of solid rock by slave workers who had been captured by German forces

6) The Little Chapel

The Little Chapel is possibly the smallest chapel in the world.

7) Pleinmont Observation Tower

Five-story naval observation tower was built and used by German forces from 1942 to 1945

8) German Occupation Museum

The German Occupation Museum provides a unique insight into life in Guernsey during the occupation from 1940 to 1945.

9) Bella Luce Hotel

10) Gypsy Lane

11) Sausmarez Manor

Possibly one of the most interesting, beautiful and varied places on the island, encompassing so many different things to see and do, including a Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society tour. A delightful spot with sub-tropical gardens and sculpture park.

12) La Vallette Underground Military Museum

This museum covers Guernsey's military history, including World War One and the German Occupation of the island from 1940 to 1945 during World War Two, as well as the island's own militia.

The best-selling novel 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society', by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, and its subsequent film adaptation tell the story of Guernsey's Occupation by German Armed Forces during the Second World War. 

Visit the WW2 Occupation sites references in the story and learn the real history behind this turbulent period of Guernsey's past.  As you visit the locations, get your Guernsey Occupation Trail Passport - available from the Guernsey Information Centre - stamped inside the venues on the route:

  1. Stamp collected at the Information Centre.
  2. Stamp collected at Creaseys (High Street). 
  3. Stamp collected at Old Government House Hotel. 4
  4. Stamp collected at the German Naval Signals HQ. 
  5. Stamp collected at the Grange Lodge Hotel. 
  6. Stamp collected at the German Underground Hospital. 
  7. Stamp collected at Martyn Guille Silversmiths.
  8. Stamp collected at the Pleinmont Observation Tower (Wed & Sun 2pm-4pm only) or the German Occupation Museum.
  9. Stamp collected at the German Occupation Museum. 
  10. Stamp collected at the Bella Luce Hotel. 
  11. Stamp collected at the Hotel Jerbourg. 
  12. Stamp collected at the Sausmarez Manor. 
  13. Stamp collected at La Valette Underground Military Museum.

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