GSA Open Water Adventure Swim Break

16 Sep 2022 - 19 Sep 2022
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Guernsey Swim Adventures invite you to join them on a swim adventure weekend filled with landscapes, wildlife and history. Prepare to make memories that will last a lifetime. Your swim adventures will take in the very best of Guernsey, Sark and Herm, three of the enchanting islands of the Bailiwick. Six swims across four days ranging from1.5km exploring swims to 3km coastal discoveries. 

Guernsey and the neighbouring Islands offer a huge variety of swim opportunities, from the golden sands of Shell Beach in Herm to the majestic Peastacks famously captured by Renaissance painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Wherever you swim you will be surrounded by stunning scenery in the safe hands of GSA swim guides. 

Guernsey’s tidal range of 33 feet is one of the largest in the world, transforming the coastline every six hours or so making every swim unique. Due to the nature of the swims this swim package is aimed at intermediate swimmers who are confident swimming in open water. 

GSA swim guides have many years of experience and will show you hidden bays, historic forts and options of archways, gullies and caves. Your guides have extensive knowledge and will choose the best bay for the day taking into consideration the tides and weather conditions.

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