WWII Haul discovered in the Islands of Guernsey Ahead of 75th Anniversary of Liberation

Historian Dan Snow MBE has uncovered one of the British Isles’ most important hauls of WWII artefacts in the 21st century.

Snow is a frequent visitor to the Islands of Guernsey, comprising Guernsey, Herm, Sark, Alderney and Lihou and in his latest visit focused on a submerged quarry on the Island of Alderney where the haul was found.

In a new documentary titled ‘The lslands of Guernsey - Secrets of Hitler's Island Fortress’ Snow is seen finding the previously undiscovered cache of Nazi German military equipment that had been submerged in the Alderney quarry since WWII.

Supported by VisitGuernsey, the 55-minute documentary will be released today on HistoryHit TV, a digital channel described as the ‘Netflix of history’.

Initial investigations on ‘The lslands of Guernsey - Secrets of Hitler's Island Fortress’ saw Snow and a team of divers exploring hidden tunnels as well as discovering tank tracks, vehicles, at least one large gun, and an artillery piece capable of firing high explosive shells at allied ships or at targets in France. The array of equipment identified across the Islands makes one of the most important hauls of WWII archaeology found in recent years.

Snow quotes “This is a truly phenomenal find. To discover such a haul in the lead up to the 75 anniversary of the Islands of Guernsey’s liberation from Nazi forces make this all the more astounding and poignant and sheds further light on Guernsey’s incredible history.”

Elsewhere on the Islands, Snow reveals several other extraordinary discoveries including the recently rediscovered Rouge Rue tunnels in Guernsey, which still contain search lights, and several field kitchens surrendered by the Germans when the British re-occupied the Islands at the end of WWII.

The film can be viewed on here