Springtime in Guernsey

Springtime officially begins on 20th March this year, but did you know that it actually arrives roughly four weeks earlier in Guernsey?

It’s the time of year when Guernsey’s rugged coastline and leafy interior become adorned with colour, and the mild weather makes it the perfect time to get out and about. 

Head to the beautiful Candie Gardens in St Peter Port for a pleasant stroll through the gardens in bloom, and experience panoramic views across Herm, Sark, Jersey and even mainland France on a clear day.

Delve into the magnificent Bluebell Woods near Fermain Bay to be greeted by a stunning purple carpet of flowers.

Continue through the woods until you reach the coast and take in some of Guernsey's unforgettable seascapes from the cliff paths.

Alternatively, go north or west for a less challenging but equally picturesque walk along the flatter coastline.

Guernsey's north-western coast is home to sweeping sandy bays that are popular with walkers during springtime.

The island's countryside transforms into an oasis of colour during the spring time, and a stroll through the rural parishes is bound to uncover some stunning sights.

Does the sound of Guernsey in bloom appeal to you? Begin planning your visit today!