Outdoor Wellness in Guernsey

Guernsey is a haven for those looking to relax and reconnect with nature. Where better to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul than by the sea? Here are some ways to relax on this one-of-a-kind island.

Over the summer months, local instructors host early morning yoga sessions at various beachside locations, such as Jerbourg Point and Port Soif. For a small price, you can experience the warmth of the rising sun and the nourishing effects of an hour’s yoga. Or, if you wish to practice individually, try a secluded beach for privacy or L’Ancresse Common if you’re looking for a large open space.

Gentle strolls through the country lanes or along the shoreline are perfect ways to relax. Meander down the "Ruettes Tranquilles", a series of quiet lanes dotted around Guernsey where pedestrians have right of way, or seek out the less crowded beaches such as Rocquaine for a moment of quiet away from the hustle and bustle of St Peter Port.

The 3km Millennium Walk around the Reservoir is an especially relaxing choice, thanks to the abundance of nature and the scent of the surrounding pine trees.

Paddle-boarding offers the opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the crystal blue waters, either alone or with friends and family. Unlike many other water-sports everything is in your control, and you can float just above the surface, bathing in the reflecting sunlight and observing the expansive blue sky or glorious sunrise.

Swimming is also an enjoyable, relaxing experience. While initially the temperature can be a slight shock to your system, cold water has been proven to enhance circulation and immunity and has a rejuvenating effect on the body and mind. For a secluded swimming spot, try a quiet bay on the south coast such as Petit Port.

Thanks to the distance from the airport and town, western headlands such as Pleinmont Point are ideal for stargazing and maximising the tranquility that Guernsey has to offer. Guernsey’s clear skies and still nights are a welcome change from cities, and provide a refreshing break from busy nightlife.

Furthermore, just being in Guernsey can improve your health and mood. The sea air possesses many health benefits, such as the ability to rebalance serotonin levels and increase the body’s absorption of oxygen, among other mood-boosting effects. Escape the dirt and pollution of cities and enjoy the clean ocean air and its many benefits. 

Make the most of Guernsey’s coastal serenity and plan your wellness getaway today!