New TV documentary series coming soon!


New TV documentary series coming soon!

Guernsey, and it’s fascinating bunkers, left from the German Occupation during WW2 will feature in a new documentary series that is being screened over the coming months called Secret Nazi Bases (Secret Nazi Ruins in the US)

VisitGuernsey, along with Festung Guernsey, the Guernsey Armouries and the Guernsey Military Co worked with the documentary producers when the crew were on island in November 2018 and May 2019, providing access to a range of bunkers and defences, some that are open to the public, and some that are privately owned.  

Filming locations included, some of Guernsey’s most iconic bunkers, such as MP4 and MP3 Observations Towers at Pleinmont, as well as the largest bunker complex in the Channel Islands, the Germany Military Underground Hospital in St Andrews, as well as fully restored bunkers such as the Germans Navel HQ in St Peter Port, along with less well known sites such as Batterie Scharnhorst, Batterie Mirus and Batterie Dolmen amongst others.

As well as filming the various German bunkers and batteries, providing extra insight into the history of the installations with the use of CGI, the documentary crew also filmed re-enactments on the island at a number locations using members of the local re-enactment society, the Guernsey Military Co, to help tell the story of the history behind the bunkers and fortifications.  

The documentary explores some of the Nazi’s plots and projects that remain concealed to this day in obscure corners of the earth following the end of the Second World War in 1945. From the island of Guernsey to the north of France, from the unlikely Canary Islands to the depths of the Polish forest, only through the remains of these constructions might one reveal new truths about Hitler’s tactics and targets.

The series producers, Go Button Media, said “When we researching subjects for our series about unique German WW2 Bases, Guernsey came up quite quickly online. The imagery was so striking and the stories of the occupation and fortification so compelling we knew we had to include it in our first season of Secret Nazi Bases”.

“When we arrived in November 2018, the island exceeded our expectations! We couldn’t have asked for more from the locations and stories. We now know there is so much more than we could cover in a single dedicated episode of the series. The Islands heritage is so rich and that’s just considering the WW2 Occupation. We can’t wait to come back and film more in the future”

Where you can watch:
Poland - Sept 3rd, 9pm (3PM ET) on History Channel 
United States - September 5th, 10pm on Science Channel (titled: Secret Nazi Ruins) 
Benelux - September 9th on Discovery International

UK - November 8th the series premiere on Yesterday (UKTV) (8pm GMT / 4pm EST)

Canada will be in January 2020 

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