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Meet the locals - Buz White


Meet the locals - Buz White

As one of our local ambassadors, Buz White is one of the most proclaimed skippers on Guernsey with over 40 years experience on the water.

Buz White has been navigating the local waters for over 40 years and this colourful character can be seen daily in and around the Bailiwick on his yacht, the Access Challenger, as he regales island hopping enthusiasts with local stories and facts, while carrying them between the Islands on tours and private charters

We asked Buz, who has 'the salt water of the Channel Islands running through his veins', to tell us some more about his love of island hopping

What sort of things would people expect to see on one of your boat trips? 

It really depends on the time of year – Puffins, dolphins, various sea birds and sometimes seals.  During Spring, keep an eye out for puffins along Herm's south coast or the large gannet colony off Alderney as you make your way by sea to their harbour.  Every day is different - you can never tell what you're going to see. 

When is the best time of the year to see dolphins? 

There is the possibility of seeing dolphins in our waters all year round.  Between Christmas and New Year last year,  the friendly mammals were spotted regularly between Guernsey and Herm.  Of course, being wild animals, you can't guarantee that you will see them and it is ‘luck of the draw’

What is your favourite historic tale from Bailiwick waters?

I tell the visitors that the Germans came here for 5 years and built a load of holiday homes without permission. I tell them about the President Garcia tanker and how it ran aground at Saints Bay in 1967 in the fog alongside a courting couple making love!  Sometimes we'll go across to one of my fisherman friends and they show us some of their freshly caught catch of the day.  There are some many fascinating stories to keep the visitors entertained. 

Do you have a favourite island to visit?  

No - all the islands are fantastic in different ways.  Herm has beautiful beaches, Sark has high cliffs, Jethou (although you can't visit, you can see from the sea) has abundant bird life around its coastline whilst Alderney offers something different again.  There is something for everyone and you have to experience them all to get the full flavour of the Bailiwick.  And thats why I can't pick a favourite. 

What’s your favourite thing about the waters around Guernsey?

I love everything about the sea; the wildlife, the conditions, the weather - both sunlight and overcast, it's always different.  No two days are the same.  Being out on the water is the best way to spend your time in Guernsey.  Also, because the sea is clear, the waters are perfect for swimming, diving and snorkelling.  The sea temperature climbed to 17c during the 2018!

What time of the year is best for visitors to ‘island hop’? 

As the seasons change, there is always something different to see from the water between the islands.  Summer is, of course, the most busy time of year as people get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures, however Spring and Autumn are often less crowded.  

None of the islands are far apart and, with Guernsey Boat Charter Access Challenger, you can visit all five islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey in one day!