Make the Most of Guernsey’s Great Outdoors This Summer!

When the sun is shining, there are few better places to be than the beautiful Bailiwick of Guernsey! To help you make the most of the weather, we’ve picked out a perfect place for some of your favourite outdoor pursuits, so you can spend less time deciding and more time enjoying!

Marble Bay

Swimming - Marble Bay

A dip in our crystal clear water is a must for any visitor to the island, but with 27 beautiful bays around Guernsey’s coastline it can be tough to pick just one spot. There are no bad choices really, but Marble Bay in the south of the island boasts a secluded location and captures the height of the midday heat, making the seemingly tropical waters shimmer in the early afternoon sun. Discover interesting rock formations and an expansive view of the neighbouring islands from the peace and quiet of a secluded little cove, which you may well have all to yourself!

Cycling on the West Coast

Cycling - The West Coast

Hire a bike for the weekend and make the most of Guernsey’s safe roads and cycle paths! The island’s west coast offers a relatively unchallenging yet thoroughly entertaining ride that takes you past golden sands and fascinating historic sites. Time your ride to witness first hand the glorious sunsets during the summer months; simply follow the coast road for a stress free cycle with unforgettable views. For more cycling tours, visit the Routes and Trails page.

Walking to Fermain Bay

Walking - St Peter Port to Fermain Bay

If you’re looking for a trek with unforgettable views, head first to our charming capital of St Peter Port and head south to Fermain Bay. This walk provides varying yet consistently beautiful scenery; sweeping views of the English Channel begin the route, before you are plunged into dense woodland and finally emerge at Fermain Bay, a popular sun-trap with an internationally recognised café. All in all, the walk lasts about hour and includes some climbing and descending, but with the promise of excellent views and food at the end!

Kayaking in Guernsey

Kayaking - Petit Bot Bay

Kayaking is a truly great way to discover Guernsey’s intriguing coastline. Outdoor Guernsey offer the possibility to either join a group led by an instructor or hire your own kayaks down at Petit Bot, a picturesque bay that lies at the bottom of a valley on the south coast. The bay is surrounded by towering cliffs and hidden coves, many of which are accessible only by kayak at high tide.

Paddleboarders at Cobo Bay

Paddleboarders - Cobo Bay

Cobo provides the perfect location for a relaxing paddleboarding excursion on a calm day. This vast bay offers plenty to see between its two headlands, and is also home to one of the most incredible sunsets you’ll ever see. Paddleboards are available to hire from the western end of the bay, whether you’re heading out alone or as part of a guided group. There are also a variety of eateries lining the coast road, including a fish and chip shop, a tearoom and two popular restaurants, making Cobo the perfect place to spend an evening.

Surfing at Vazon Bay

Surfing - Vazon Bay

Vazon Bay is another of the island’s popular west coast beaches, with the added attraction of being a hotspot for surfing. Suited to surfers of all abilities, Vazon offers sizeable waves to enjoy, and a prescribed zone for surfers ensures safety for all water users. The Guernsey Surf School resides at the top of the slipway, and from here you can book lessons with experienced instructors or hire out a surfboard and head out on your own. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or are just trying it out, there’s no better place to do so!

Golf in Guernsey

This is only a sample of the great outdoor activities available to try in Guernsey. From sailing to golf; kitesurfing to scuba-diving; there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our great outdoors. Begin planning your trip today!