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How to Escape the Blues on The Islands of Guernsey


How to Escape the Blues on The Islands of Guernsey

The Islands of Guernsey has long been a wonderful place to escape the blues of your everyday life, an island haven where you can enjoy a well deserved break.

Blue Monday is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The depths of winter sets in, the festive season is over and we are waiting for the first signs of spring. Funnily enough, you will see many wonderful blues across The Islands of Guernsey. When you look around, you may notice that it is, in fact, a key part of our culture, nature and history.

Out of The Blue - Dolphin Spotting

Almost everywhere you go on The Islands, you will never be far away from the sparkle of the beautiful blue seas. Look down from the cobbled stone steps of Guernsey's St Peter Port town centre, or turn a corner on a cliff path and the mesmerizing blue will catch your eye. 

You can explore many walks along The Islands’ coasts, enjoy an afternoon exploring one of the many small bays and maybe even brave a quick dip in the deep blue! You can even get out on the water on a boat trip to truly enjoy it. Be that island hopping between our wonderful Islands or via a private boat trip. A long or short trip aboard 'Out The Blue' will be fun from the start, whether it's a 2-hour sightseeing trip looking for puffins, seals or dolphins or a taking in the scenery on a 3- to 8-hour fishing trip.

And you can’t mention the blue water without noting our blue skies! You’ll see both on your arrival into The Islands, possibly even on a Blue Islands flight. Guernsey has a much milder climate than the UK meaning spring often arrives earlier and summer tends to last longer than in the UK. One sign that spring is on the way is the beautiful blue blooms that appear in Bluebell Woods.

Bluebell Woods

Located at the southern end of St Peter Port, within walking distance of Guernsey's town centre, you will find Bluebell Woods. Aptly named, in springtime the woodland floor becomes a carpet of blue flowers beneath the budding tree canopy - a wonderful place to walk at any time of year, with trails leading onto the cliff paths and spectacular views from the south-east of the island. Start your route passing by the restored Victorian bathing pools in St Peter Port, and aim for Fermain Bay, which will take you via the woods. Then end your stroll at the Fermain Beach Cafe for a coffee or glass of something stronger, while look out at the turquoise blue waters of pretty Fermain Bay. 

A Blue Post Box in Guernsey

There are other little blue touches around our islands, from the blue parking clocks used to monitor the islandwide free parking, to the blue plaques which recognise Guernsey people who have made an important contribution not only to The Islands but also to the wider world. You will see them on places of interest as you wander around the islands.

A very interesting thing that many note in Guernsey is that all of the post boxes are blue, unlike the traditional red seen in the UK. The oldest post box from 1853, still in use, actually isn’t blue, it’s a dark red and is located in Union Street, St Peter Port. The Channel Islands were in fact the first place that post boxes were used in the British Isles, introduced by author Anthony Trollope after he was impressed with the use of them in nearby France. They have grown in popularity since then.

Guernsey Jumpers

If you’re looking for a blue souvenir to remember your time in Guernsey, then there are a few options:

Guernsey Jumper - Traditional Guernsey jumpers make excellent souvenirs. A timeless and wearable gift that in its most classic form is blue.

A Guernsey Book - Blue Ormer Publishing was established by Steve Foote in 2014, with the aim of publishing books with a connection to the Channel Islands. You can find many of their publications in local stores.

Guernsey Gin - Blue Bottle Gin is a lovely way to prolong that holiday feeling long after you get home, plus the blue bottle is pretty enough to keep as a vase or ornament in your home for years to come!


We can’t wait to welcome you back to our Islands as soon as it is safe to travel again. In the meantime, we hope that photos of our beautiful blue islands cheer you up on this Blue Monday, or any blue day for that matter.