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Handmade Chocolates on the Islands of Guernsey


Handmade Chocolates on the Islands of Guernsey

As a group of islands famous for their dairy products, it may come as no surprise that we have an excellent offering of local handmade chocolates made by wonderfully talented local chocolatiers.

It’s National Chocolate Week! The initiative aims to promote fine flavour chocolate, the independent artisan chocolatiers and the chocolate companies who work in direct partnership with cocoa farmers, encouraging consumers to pay a fairer price for their chocolate. As a group of islands famous for their dairy products, it may come as no surprise that we have an excellent offering of local handmade quality chocolates made by wonderfully talented local chocolatiers.

Here are three of the best chocolate shops on The Islands of Guernsey:

Rebecca’s Channel Island Chocolates

Rebecca’s Chocolates was established in Guernsey over 20 years ago. Since then, the  business has changed hands, but the passion for quality confectionary has not. The company offers a huge product range, from fruit and liquor-filled truffles, lavender chocolates and homemade fudge, not to mention the chocolate chess set, casino chips, Lego and even Mr Potato Head! There is also a new vegan range as well as a dark chocolate range for those with lactose intolerances. The team can also create bespoke chocolate creations of any shape and size, the only limit being your creativity. “A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine” is a proclamation on their website that any chocolate lover will get on board with. 

You can find the Rebecca’s Chocolates shop at Oatlands Village. Oatlands Village is home to a variety of unique attractions, in the form of historic brick kilns (featuring the amazing two islands of Guernsey story), thatched barns, craft and embroidery shops, a jewellers, a pet shop, a restaurant, a mini-golf course, trampolines, children’s go-karts and a play barn, as well as the chocolate shop. Browse online at

Caragh Chocolates are full of Sark charm

Caragh Chocolates, Sark

Caragh Chocolates was inspired by the quality of the local dairy on the idyllic island of Sark, where Caragh first started creating chocolate creations for her family back in 1989 and selling her chocolates in the island’s local craft shop. The business has grown to international acclaim and ships all over the world, offering fun chocolate bark creations, delicious simple and flavoured bars and truffles which are made by hand and then transported by horse and carriage to the harbour to begin their journey to you. It still maintains its traditional, local charm with a small shop and tea garden to the side of the family home, which is a wonderful place to stop off on a day trip to the island. You can see where the chocolates are handmade as the kitchen is open to the public and you can even take part in a Chocolate Making Workshop!

Find out more at

Ben Le Prevost Chocolates are Handmade Locally

Ben Le Prevost Chocolatier

Ben Le Prevost is an award-winning, artisanal chocolatier with a difference. His obsession with combining his classic, international training with modern art and scientific methods produces a truly unique product. He is not afraid to play with different flavours that soon become local favourites, from Miso to Pineapple and Fennel, even Peanut Butter on Toast! However, as the range uses local seasonal ingredients, new flavours continually crop up. Ben’s shop is located on Mill Street, just a short stroll up from Market Square in St Peter Port.

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