Guernsey Ambassador's


Guernsey ambassador's

Guernsey has a spirit of community and friendliness that is hard to find in other destinations

A ‘Guern’ friend is a friend for life and courtesy on the roads is the norm. If you plan to drive in Guernsey, watch how the locals step on their brakes to let you join the road. And if you pass a local during a clifftop stroll, you will likely get a smile and a friendly ‘hello’ or ‘warro’.

Guernsey Colloquialism's

‘Eh’ - Used as a question tag ‘Great weather, eh?’

‘Cheerie’ - A friendly goodbye, often said when you leave a shop or restaurant

‘À la perchoine’ - Guernsey French for ‘Until we meet again’

‘Warro’ or ‘banjour’ - Hi or hello

‘to Town, eh’ - let's go to St Peter Port 

Learn more about our Guernsey Ambassador's below by reading the dedicated blogs and watching the videos where they each explain about their love for both their topic and Guernsey.  

Buz White - Island Hopping

Buz has been navigating the local waters for over 40 years and this colourful character can be seen daily in and around Bailiwick waters.

Nicola Terry - Food & Drink

Artisan charcuterie producer and farmer, Nicola Terry of Wallow Charcuterie Farm, knows all about the provenance of her wares.

Carla Bauer - Walking

Silver accredited guide and organiser of the Guernsey Walking Festivals, Carla shares stories and interesting facts about the Island.

Ant Ford-Parker - Cycling

An outdoor enthusiast and expert, Ant Ford-Parker from Outdoor Guernsey can be seen around the coast of Guernsey and Herm; running, cycling, kayaking or coasteering

Pat Johnson - Floral Guernsey

Chairman of the Floral Guernsey Foundation, Pat Johnson and his team of volunteers play a huge part in the floral offerings of the Islands.