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Autumn on the Islands of Guernsey


Enjoy Autumn on the Islands of Guernsey

From island hopping and brisk walks to museum visits and gastronomic adventures, don't underestimate the beauty of the Islands of Guernsey in the autumn.

Fermain Bay. Source: Instagram @navitaurnick

Thanks to the milder climate of the Channel Islands, summer lasts longer in The Islands than on mainland UK, making autumn a great time to visit. From scenic walks to stretch your legs and relish the lingering sun, to admiring the changing leaves and enjoying the scent of pine, before finding a cosy pub to settle with a local ale and some seasonal comforts.

While, sadly, border restrictions require quarantine at the moment, next autumn, 2021, is a lovely time to visit. 

Below is a flavour of autumn in The Islands to whet your appetite!

Island Hopping

Island hopping in the autumn is the perfect opportunity to see the Islands from a quieter perspective. Sark comes to life in the autumn, as its quiet lanes turn from fresh green to vibrant auburns and yellows, which with the sun lower in the sky, results in a warm and peaceful glow over the island. It's worth popping on the extra layer to wander around and enjoy. And there is no need to simply visit Herm or Alderney just for the summer beach trips. They are both beautiful in the shoulder seasons. Alderney lends itself to beautiful sunsets, quaint shops and cosy cafes for a lazy afternoon tea.


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Have a foodie weekend

Our annual Channel Island-wide food festival, Tennerfest kicks off annually in October, with a huge number of local restaurants, pubs and cafes showing off their best cuisine from only £10 a head. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover new places to lunch and dine, as well as support local businesses as the summer season dies down. Chefs often find the time to play with seasonal ingredients and present unique, delicious plates for you to enjoy.

Halloween Activities

From pumpkin carving to spooky walking tours, there is always something to do on The Islands in the autumn. If you're more brave hearted, spook yourself out with a ghost tour around one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

Try some stargazing

The Astronomy Section of La Société Guernesiaise holds an annual Halloween Open Evening at the Astronomical Observatory. Astronomy talks and stargazing with telescopes if clear, study insects and moths with the Entomology Section, and go on a bat walk and learn about bats with the Bat Section of La Societe.

Try some Indoor Activities

From pottery classes at Iris and Dora or candle-making to indoor climbing or visiting a museum, you will find something to do on those rainy days. Hauteville House (open to the end of September), the home of celebrated author, Victor Hugo, on Guernsey is a wonderful place to explore and learn about the man himself and see the room in which he wrote greats, such as Les Misérables

...Or get outdoors on walks

Throw on a pair of boots and feel the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot by joining us during the Autumn Walking Festival. Every September, the festival hosts a variety of organised walks, all led by the Bailiwick’s gold or silver accredited guides.

Learn more about autumn holidays in Guernsey here.

We’d love to welcome you back this time next year.