Discover Guernsey’s Folklore during the 2019 Heritage Festival

The Guernsey Heritage Festival returns for 2019, taking a look at the island’s long history from distant to recent. Running from 19th April to 10th May, it’s the perfect time to delve deep into the fascinating myth and folklore that surrounded island life over the years.

Read on to discover the exciting folklore-related events and tours taking place over the course of the Festival.


The Guernsey Museum at Candie should be the first stop for those looking to learn more about the island’s folklore. It hosts a permanent Folklore Gallery, which will be opening late until 8pm on 29th April with live music and living history too.

For something a little more family friendly, head to St Peter Port’s Guille Alles Library on 27th April for the Guernsey Folklore Day. Featuring a “Folklore of Guernsey” dramatic show, a live reading from local artist Charlie Buchanan’s book “Invasion of the Wavelets”, and much more free family fun, it’s the perfect way for people of all ages to engage with Guernsey’s myths of years gone by.


Perhaps the best way to uncover the island’s mythological past is by getting out and exploring the locations!

There are several folklore related tours scheduled for the duration of the Heritage Festival. These include an exploration of St Peter Port’s mysterious streets, a ghost tour of the “haunted” Sausmarez Manor, and a walk led by an archaeologist to the ancient burial sites believed to be entrances to the fairy kingdom.

There’s also a family-suitable stroll to the Fairy Ring, one of Guernsey’s most famous folklore sites, which features a treasure hunt along the way!

Places to visit

Many of Guernsey’s sites of myth and legend are open to the public, so be sure to get out and explore them! Take a look at our recent article, Unmissable Heritage Sites in Guernsey, to get to know these fascinating locations.

Want to learn more about the magical stories passed down through generations of islanders? Plan your visit to Guernsey today!