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Bringing a new modern version, of the old-style market that the people of Guernsey loved!

The Guernsey Weigh is a fairly new concept, a shopping experience that allows customers to cut down on the amount of plastic (especially single use) that gets put in the bin, ends up in landfill – or worse, the ocean.

Located in the Market Buildings, the people of Guernsey loved and cherished the old market, and so The Guernsey Weigh have come up with a modern and more sustainable concept of our old beloved market. They are passionate about being plastic free and would also like to support the local Guernsey community by sourcing locally where they can.

Why shop plastic free?  

Whether you are from Guernsey or visiting, we are sure you will have heard about the problems with world's waste, mainly plastic pollution. Our island is of course at the heart of our ethos, and by reducing the amount we consume, plastic waste, food waste and pollution in general we aim to keep Guernsey clean and embrace its natural beauty.

The wonderful thing about this way of shopping is the choice to buy as little or as much as you need. If that’s for a certain recipe you need a small amount of or if you want to top up on all of your cupboard essentials, this drastically cuts down not only the plastic but also food waste which is a big issue in itself.

The product range is big, from dry goods such as pastas, grains, legumes, snacks, herbs and spices, baking staples and loose leaf teas. To earth friendly household items, toiletries and refillable cleaning products. Not forgetting freshly squeezed orange juice and grind your own peanut butter!

How to shop zero waste

Customers are encouraged to bring their own clean containers into the store - think jars, tupperware, tubs etc. Alternatively they offer containers to buy in store, whilst also providing free paper bags for your goods if you haven’t any or forget your own containers.

  • Step 1: Weigh empty containers using the scales provided.
  • Step 2: Pick the goods you would like and simply fill up your container
  • Step 3: Head back to the scales to reweigh so your container weight can be taken off and you pay only for the contents! 

Their specialised scales and till system will make the process fast and convenient, and friendly staff members are always on hand to assist!

There is plenty more to be done to help reduce waste across the world but your support for Guernsey's first zero waste market will start to make a difference!

Whether you’re a visitor to the island and only need to buy enough ingredients for your stay or a local getting your weekly shop, The Guernsey Weigh is a lovely place to visit.

Full product list can be found on our website

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