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Adventure and Romance on The Islands of Guernsey


Adventure and Romance on The Islands of Guernsey

There is so much to do together on The Islands of Guernsey, from long lazy picnics to exploring secret spots.

Proposal at Petit Port © Nick Despres

The Islands of Guernsey are a special place to visit and have been the setting for many a romantic moment, including this beautiful proposal over Petit Port beach with the help of many friendly locals. So, as it is the season for romance, we have rounded up some of the wonderful activities and places to visit on The Islands for your future trips with a significant other.

The View from Candie Gardens

Discover A Secret Spot For Historical Lovers

For an adventure with a difference, head to Candie Gardens Museum and Gallery and ask for the secret key. You will be handed an original, and somewhat weighty, iron key that will give you access to a historic public building - 'Victoria Tower'. On receipt of the key, you can head up the ninety-nine stairs to the top of the tower which overlooks the capital and out to sea. Whilst there, look closely for the carved initials of exiled resident Victor Hugo, who wrote Les Misérables on the island, and his lover Juliette Drouet, The two used to meet in the tower for secret assignations. And the view from the tower is worth the climb.

Cocktails for Two at Red

Partake in a Pre-Dinner Cocktail Hour

There are so many places for a great pre-dinner drink on Guernsey, which is often unexpected. Enjoy a glass of champagne or a gin and tonic at The Crown Club at The Islands’ only 5 star hotel, The OGH, in luxurious surroundings and service. Or to enjoy a cocktail with a beautiful view, try Red or The Hook. Balthazar along the front is one of the newer kids of the scene and has become popular with both visitors and locals for a drink at the bar. Both Tinto and Rouge have cosy corners to enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles before heading on to dinner.

Cobo Sunsets with Fish & Chips

Find and Spent Time At Great Picnic Spots

There’s nothing better than an intimate picnic gloriously dragged out over a few lazy hours. And there are so many places on The Islands to spend a joyous afternoon where time can feel like it is standing still. From Bordeaux to Petit Port bays, there are a huge number of options. Read this to pick your favourite.

Sunset at Fort Grey

Enjoy a West Coast Sunset

A west coast sunset on The Islands of Guernsey is not to be missed - whether sitting on the wall at Guernsey's Cobo beach enjoying fish and chips or gazing out from the The White House Hotel on Herm or from the Braye Beach Hotel terrace in Alderney. Or even enjoy one of the many seafront benches along The Islands’ coasts. There are many spots to just stop at, enjoy being in the moment and breath in the beautiful colours of nature.