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8 Walking Routes to try on the Islands of Guernsey


8 Great Walking Routes to Try on the Islands of Guernsey

Looking for an adventure? It may be getting chillier, but these views will be well worth getting outside for. Wrap up warm and get ready to explore the Islands of Guernsey on foot.

An Autumn Nature Trail - Guernsey

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Gentle - Moderate
  • Great for: Families and a relaxing adventure

This route offers you a stroll through the parish of Castel on the West Coast of Guernsey. Castel has a beautiful mix of country lanes and coastal views to enjoy. 

Start your walk at Saumarez Park where you will find locals enjoying the grassy areas and tearooms - make sure to visit the Victorian Walled Garden along your walk to see a recreation of a traditional kitchen garden. Follow the route to the Guet where pine woods and the remains of fortifications overlook the West Coast. Join the nature trail which takes you towards Cobo Bay - one of the most picturesque sandy beaches on Guernsey. You can take a short detour from the route to visit one of the many great restaurants and cafes by Cobo, or take a stroll along the beach before rejoining the nature tail route, which will lead you back to Saumarez Park. 

Parking is available at Saumarez Park which makes this a great choice for small children. 

For a map visit:

Rural Guernsey

A Rural Adventure - Guernsey

  • Time: 2.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Great for: Peace of mind and picturesque scenery

An inland walk through the parish of St Andrew’s - the only parish in Guernsey to have no coastline! On this route you will have beautiful scenery of valleys, woodland and fields, as well as a number of traditional buildings including a former water mill from the 1700s. A highlight of this walk is a visit to Guernsey’s Little Chapel, a tiny church built in the style of Lourdes covered with shells and brightly coloured pottery. 

For a map visit:

The Little Chapel in Autumn

A Relaxed Coastal Walk - Guernsey

  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Gentle
  • Great for: Exploring beautiful beaches and historic sites

This walk takes in the West Coast from Vazon Beach to Port Soif, where you will find no shortage of stunning views and delicious food. Begin your walk at Fort Hommet, a historical site and nature reserve. Follow the footpaths north taking in Cobo Bay, Grand Rocques and onto Port Soif. This is a great walk to take at any time of day, but if you do happen to be around in the evening make sure to stay to enjoy the sunset from one of the kiosks or restaurants.

For a map visit: 


Winter Coast

A Clifftop Walk around Little Sark - Sark 

  • Time: 2.5+ hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Great for: Amazing views and a taste of Sark

A lovely walk starting from Harbour Hill taking in floral paths, the amazing vistas and historical buildings. Follow the country lanes south enjoying views of Etac and Dixcart Bay until you reach La Coupee - a natural isthmus that connects Little and Big Sark with stunning views. Walk its 100m path and cross to Little Sark. Here you will find the Sablonnerie Hotel and The Windmill of Little Sark built around 1800. Take the time to wander around and have some lunch before retracing your steps back to Big Sark and its island hub The Avenue where you will find shops and restaurants.

For a map visit: 

La Coupee, Sark

A Walk through St Peter Port to Castle Cornet

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Great for: Getting a taste of local life, visiting historical sites and great food

Looking to acquaint yourself with the capital of Guernsey? This walk will take you on a round trip through the centre of town. Feel free to deviate from the map and explore the winding streets for a great cup of coffee or delicious meal. 

Begin at the Town Church, near the statue of Victor Hugo who lived in Guernsey during his exile from France. Follow the Arcade Steps up to Clifton and explore the Old Quarter of the town, with it’s charming cobbled streets. Make your way down the Bordage and walk up Hauteville to find Victor Hugo’s House - a museum dedicated to the famous writer in his Guernsey home. Back in the centre of town you will find Mignot Plateau with amazing views over the mariana to Herm and Sark, as well as the Market Square where you will find some lovely independent shops. To extend your walk, head out to the marina to the statue of Prince Albert and on along the pier front towards Castle Cornet. An ancient royal fortress, Castle Cornet has stood guarding the harbour for nearly 8 centuries. At 12 midday every day you will hear the cannon sound to announce the time - be warned it's very loud!

For a map visit: 


Castle Cornet, St Peter Port

A Ramble along the Sands in Alderney

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Great for: Visiting beautiful beaches and historic sites.

Take a stroll around the north of Alderney, starting at Braye Beach with its historic forts and walking along the sands to Fort Albert and Bibette Head - a great example of the fortification of the islands. Stroll along Saye and Arch Bays to the Corblets, a popular surfing beach. From there, head along to The Odeon, a naval range finding tower, and then onto The Lighthouse built in 1912. Carry on around the north-east of the island enjoying the cliff top views before reaching the roman fort known locally as The Nunnery. Turn inland to head back into town for a well deserved coffee. 

For a map visit:  

Mannez Lighthouse, Alderney

Explore Renoir’s Favourite Bays

  • Time: 1.5+ hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Great for: Finding secluded bays and enjoying incredible cliff path views.

Treat yourself to some stunning island views on this walk around the south coast of Guernsey. Parking is available at Jerbourg, so you can drive up and begin your journey. These spots are excellent for a picnic if the weather is cooperating so pack a lunch to extend your stay or visit the Moulin Huet cafe.

Begin your walk by Petit Port on the cliff paths - not for the faint hearted, Petit Port is only accessible by 270 steep steps - but luckily this route means you can enjoy the view down and carry along your way. Follow the cliffs round to Moulin Huet Bay where you will find shallow turquoise waters, amazing views and interesting rock formations including the Dog and Lion rocks across the bay.  The last stop on this walk is the sandy cove of Saints Bay, which is surrounded by sheltering cliffs, and where you will find a small fleet of fishing boats. 

For a map visit:  


Winter Cliffs

The Cliff Paths of Herm

  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Great for: Families and a taste of Herm

This route around the central paths of Herm lets you see some of the tiny island’s history and unspoilt nature in a peaceful circular walk. Beginning at the Harbour follow the paths past the Mermaid Tavern, enjoying views back over to St Peter Port in Guernsey. You will pass the island's one room prison from the 1800s, a Neolithic Burial Chamber from 3000-2000 BC and the Herm Common - a ramblers delight with beautiful autumn colours. 

Follow the path round the island and you will find the very popular Shell Beach and Cafe with its ¾ mile of golden sand. The cafe serves delicious food and hot drinks that you can enjoy while taking in the view over France. Next, take the cliff paths towards the south of the island and turn into the centre of the island where you will find the Manor Village and St Tugal’s Chapel dating back to the 11th Century. Return down the hill towards the harbour where you will find the White House Hotel and a variety of restaurants to enjoy. 

For a map visit:  

Shell Beach, Herm

You can find all these routes and more on the Visit Guernsey App, complete with audio guides and interactive map. Search "Visit Guernsey" on your usual app store!


Autumn is a great time to visit the Islands and enjoy all of our bars and restaurants, so why not book a trip now? We’ll see you soon!


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