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5 Sustainable Ways to Enjoy Our Islands


5 Sustainable Ways to Enjoy the Islands of Guernsey

From walking and cycling to embracing our local customs and produce, there are many ways to enjoy the Islands of Guernsey in a sustainable way.

Sustainability is at the heart of our Islands' plans for the future. We want to protect them so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy them for as long as possible and are glad that you do too. Read on for some ideas of how to live sustainably during your time in our Islands. 

Walking in Guernsey

1. walking 

One of the best and most sustainable ways to enjoy our Islands is on foot. Walking is how you find all of the secret spots that locals love - pretty coves accessible only at low tide, the best viewpoints to catch the sunrise and the sunset, the loveliest little Guernsey cottages and the fun stalls and monuments that you will find just walking around.

Herm Island is a small 'pedestrian only' island, bar a couple of farm vehicles and service quad bikes, which means you can explore the entire Island on foot with ease.

We really recommend getting out and enjoying our unspoilt natural landscapes during your time in the Islands of Guernsey. To experience them like a true local, strike your own route around the Islands. They're easy to explore un-guided, with plenty of walking routes to choose from. No need to plan your journey, just pick a direction, set off and see what you find!

However, if you are interested in learning more about Guernsey's heritage and wildlife, opt for a guided walking tour. Follow in the footsteps of an Islander during the German occupation, visit our top cultural locations or find the best spot for a souvenir holiday snap in the company of a certified local tour guide.

Find out more here

Cycling in Alderney

2. cycling

Getting around the Islands on bicycle is a wonderful experience, whether you prefer training on a road bike or are looking for a gentle cycle around the lanes. You can enjoy the scenery at your own pace, whatever that may be, without the need for a car, taking in more of the Islands in a sustainable way, while getting a little exercise at the same time!

We cannot talk about cycling on the Islands of Guernsey without celebrating Sark Island. Sark is the place to enjoy cycling, whether on a day trip or a long weekend. Once off the boat, head up to one of the cycle hire companies at the top of the hill from the harbour and start your adventure from there. This is the most common and easiest way to explore Sark whilst enjoying the sunshine, not forgetting to give a little wave to passing horse-drawn carriages and locals on their bikes along the way.

Find about more about where to cycle on our Islands here.

Farmers' Market at Sausmarez Manor

3. enjoy our island markets

There are lots of wonderful little food and artisan markets of all sizes dotted around the Islands throughout the year.

In Guernsey, there is often a Fresh Friday Market on a Friday lunchtime in the main Market Square in St Peter Port, where stalls and restaurant pop ups offer local delicacies, as well as lunch options from far-flung destinations, using local ingredients. Sausmarez Manor hosts a Farmer's Market every Saturday morning filled with local produce. You can also visit the pop-up Sustainable Market, held once a month in the grounds of Les Cotils Hotel in St Peter Port, which brings together all the sustainably sourced and created products on the Island for you to indulge in.

What is the best way to find a local market in our 5 islands? Just keep an eye on the What's On pages of our website and on local events on Facebook too.

'The Guernsey Weigh' Zero Waste Store

4. Help Us To Recycle And Prevent Waste

Guernsey recently announced hitting its goal early for recycling 70% of waste. Our recycling and waste system is very effective and runs throughout every business and household in the Island. With chargeable black waste, Islanders have an added incentive to avoid purchasing non-recyclable goods.

We encourage all visitors to help us with our recycling mission. There are many ways to get involved - from using a reusable water bottle and taking advantage of the free water refill systems at many cafes and business around St Peter Port Town, to using our designated recycling and rubbish bins all over the Islands, making it easy to avoid left rubbish on our beaches and cliff paths.

In addition to this, The Guernsey Weigh is the first zero waste store in Guernsey, located right in the middle of St Peter Port Town, in the old Market Buildings. The product range is vast, from dry goods such as pastas, grains, legumes, snacks, herbs and spices, baking staples and loose leaf teas to earth-friendly household items, toiletries and refillable cleaning products. That is not forgetting freshly squeezed orange juice from the juicer and a grind your own peanut butter machine for on the go snacks! It's a great way to support local businesses in a sustainable way. 

Enjoy local food on island

5. Eat Local Produce

Local restaurants love to take advantage of the amazing selection of produce right here in our Islands. All you have to do is visit an eatery to enjoy the very freshest of seafood, caught that very morning, along with fresh vegetables, meat and dairy. And for those who enjoy a homegrown tipple or two, try a local gin, cider or beer.

Finally, another wonderful way to embrace local, sustainable produce is via our Hedge Veg offering. If you spend any time at all wandering the lanes of the Islands of Guernsey, it won't be long until you happen upon a hedge veg stall, where Islanders sell their homegrown goods for a few pennies using an honesty box system. As well as spare Guernsey tomatoes, potatoes and eggs grown in local gardens and allotments, occasionally you may spot a well-thumbed classic novel left on a shelf for the next reader to enjoy.

There is a huge focus on sustainability in this tradition, with the idea that Islanders share their leftover produce or home baked goods, such as cakes and jams made from leftover ingredients, with the community. Many items on sale are either crafted from homegrown or up-cycled products, or encourage sustainable packaging and the recycling or re-use of jars and containers, for conscience-free shopping. 


We thank you for caring for our Islands as much as we do and look forward to welcoming you once again to enjoy all of the local wonders we have to offer. We hope to see you soon.