20 hidden gems for 2020


20 hidden gems for 2020

VisitGuernsey have partnered with location finding expert ‘what3words’ to help you discover #ThatIslandFeeling by exploring some of the hidden gems the Islands of Guernsey have to offer using the free mobile app.

For a guide on how to use the what3word addresses click here. Or if you know what to do, use the addresses below to start exploring some of the hidden gems of the Islands of Guernsey.


Chateau des Marais

Locally known as ‘Ivy Castle’, the 13th Century fortified structure was originally used as a refuge from pirates

Silbe Reserve

Tucked away in a quiet sheltered valley this picturesque wooded nature reserve, is home to many colourful flowers, birds, insects and animals

La Vallette Bathing Pools Diving Platform
The four Victorian bathing pools are great for a refreshing dip with a fantastic view of the Islands. Are you ready to dive in?

Table des Pions

In local folklore the site is linked with fairies, witches, and elves and as such the locals call it the Fairy Ring

Saints Bay Fisherman’s landing 

Swim in this beautifully clear azure cove or explore the surrounding area – it’s one of the most instagrammable places in The Islands of Guernsey

Le Dehus Burial Chamber

A prehistoric subterranean passage grave dating from 3,500-2,000BC

Le Pied Du Mur

Locally known a Marble Bay - A small, secluded rocky cove situated near the south west point of the island, with stunning views towards Herm and Sark

Burton Battery

Follow the path to this well-hidden the 18th century battery


A Historic Coastline


The north of the island is where smugglers landed with their wares hundreds of years ago, and more recently the Nazis filmed propaganda pieces and practiced beach invasion manoeuvres.

Oyster Point

For seclusion and tranquillity, nothing can beat this part of the coastline. With its crystal clear waters this beach is a must see!

Herm’s coastal path views

Explore the Island of Herm, the scenic coastal paths can be walked in a leisurely couple of hours. We love the whole Island, what’s your favourite view!


Venus Pool

A tricky spot to reach, but a dip in the tidal Venus Pool is definitely worth it *accessible only at low tide

La Coupee

This narrow strip of land with sea on either side forms a path from Sark to Little Sark, and offers truly breath taking scenery

The Hogsback

Stroll along the Hogsback ridge and view the exact spot where the British commandos scaled the treacherous cliffs at night in WWII

The Window in the Rock

This window frames a dramatic view over a sheer drop towards the rugged coast and tall sea-stacks known as Les Autelets (The Altars)


Star Gazing

On a clear night, count shooting stars and experience true dark skies

Night-time Blonde Hedgehog Hunt

This area is where you are likely to spot the rare Alderney Blonde Hedgehog

Tourgis Batteries

An excellent example of how Alderney's original Victorian fortifications were utilised by the Germans in WWII

Saye Bay

The beautiful curve of white sand leads down to crystal clear blue water, perfect for swimming or soaking up some sun.


Discover Lihou

The tiny island is a great place for exploration, but can only be reached at low tide! Visit the ruined 12th century priory, trace the coastline in search of wildlife and take a dip in the natural swimming pool.