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10 Unforgettable Views in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

As well as the fascinating heritage, delicious food and exciting activities, Guernsey is also incredibly picturesque, as any visitor to the island will surely testify. Bringing your camera is an absolute must, as you’ll want to capture these stunning sights forever!

Here are some of our favourite views in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

St Peter Port

Where better to start than Guernsey’s gorgeous capital, St Peter Port? It truly is one of the prettiest harbours you’ll see, particularly when the sun is glistening off the water.

Bluebell Wood

Above the cliffs to the south of St Peter Port lies the Bluebell Wood. If you’re fortunate enough to visit during springtime, you’ll be greeted with a carpet of beautiful bluebells.

South Coast Cliffs

There are few better places in the Bailiwick for a walk than the cliff paths along Guernsey’s south coast, and walkers are rewarded with some incredible vistas like this one.

Cobo Bay

One of Guernsey’s most popular summer spots, Cobo is a sandy beach at the west of the island. The overlooking woodlands of Le Guet offer spectacular views across the bay, while it also looks simply stunning at sundown!

La Coupée, Sark

The sight of this steep-sided pathway to Little Sark is strikingly beautiful, and it has a fascinating history behind it too. It offers superb views from both sides, so be sure to capture them on camera!

Candie Gardens

These public gardens are beautifully kept, lined with colourful flowers and plants. However, just as stunning as the gardens themselves are the panoramic views across St Peter Port that lie beyond.

Herm’s West Coast

You’ll be treated to an abundance of stunning views during a visit to the island of Herm, with its golden sands, blue waters and lush greenery.


Found in Guernsey’s north, L’Ancresse Common is another highly popular place to enjoy a leisurely walk. It is home to some fascinating heritage sites, however the views are just as spectacular!

Longis Bay, Alderney

Pronounced “long-ee”, this beautiful bay is one of many breathtaking vistas on the most northerly Channel Island. Historic structures and natural beauty sit side-by-side all over Alderney.

Petit Port

A popular spot for local photographers, Petit Port Bay sits at the bottom of a long flight of steps, and transforms with the tide every six hours. The views are tremendous from the top of the cliff and down on the beach, and even from the caves!

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