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How to use the what3words app

what3words is a destination finding app that can be used to navigate to a scenic viewpoint, the perfect spot on the beach, a specific meeting point or the best place to watch the Liberation Day fireworks from. 

They have assigned each 3m square in the world with a unique 3 word address, similar to a GPS coordinate, with the added benefit of being easy to say, share and extremely accurate.

Use the what3words addresses to help you discover #ThatIslandFeeling

Find a 3 word address

  1. Tap the search bar, enter a street address or place name, then select the correct search result.
  2. Zoom in, switch to satellite mode and drag the map to find the exact location you want.
  3. Tap the square you need to see its 3 word address displayed at the top of the screen.

View your current 3 word address

  1. Open the what3words app, wait for the blue dot to stop moving and tap on the square nearest.
  2. The 3 word address will display at the top of your screen.

The location accuracy is dependent on your device’s GPS signal. It will be more accurate when you are outside with a clear view of the sky.

Search and get directions

  1. Enter the 3 word address in the format word.word.word into the search bar. Remember to add in the dots.
  2. Select the correct 3 word address.
  3. Tap ‘Navigate’.
  4. Get directions with your preferred navigation app.


The app is free to download on the Apple or Google play store, it also features offline navigation so visitors don’t need a roaming package on their phone to use it.

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