Sark on the West Side

2 Jun 10:15 - 17:00
07781 115773 malcolm_cleal@hotmail.co.uk View Map

Discover the west side of Sark on a hike along some of Sarks seldom used paths and bridleways, taking in  iconic views, historic areas not normally accessed by the public and some surprises along the way.

Includes a full guided tour of the Seigneurie grounds, gardens and surrounding areas.

Meeting start point: Outside the Bel Air Inn, top of Harbour Hill

Timing: Thursday 2 June, (10.15 boat from Guernsey)- 3.30pm (4pm boat to Guernsey)

Price: £15 (includes admission to gardens, but excludes boat and refreshments)

Ability: Hike

Approx length of walk: 4 miles

Guide: Malcolm Cleal

Accreditation: Silver

Book: malcolm_cleal@hotmail.co.uk


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