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Sark Starfest

19 Aug - 21 Aug

STARFEST August 2022 

SAstroS is pleased to welcome Bob Bower FRAS back to Sark this year.


P R O G R A M M E 

Bob arrives on Thursday 18th August and will have a supper together with members of the Society in the Island Hall after which he will visit the Observatory. 


Friday 19th

2-4pm - Talk: “Our Solar System” by Bob Bower. Board Room, Island Hall

5-7pm - “The Martian”. Film starring Matt Damon (PG). in the Sanctuary cinema 

8.30pm - Open sky viewing from Millennium Field to see sunset and the first stars appearing 

9pm - Observatory sessions with Bob and guides. Bookings required in advance please


Saturday 20th

2-4pm Talk by Bob “Life Beyond our Solar System:  SETI and Exoplanets”. Board Room, Island Hall 

4-7pm - “Interstellar” (PG) Film starring Michael McConaughey. in the Sanctuary cinema 

9pm - Observatory sessions with Bob 


Sunday 21st 

Open-sky stargazing from Annie’s garden with friends, neighbours and visitors.

A chance to meet up with Bob over a glass of wine. 

Please note that outside activities depend upon weather conditions. The sun sets at 2023hrs (8.23pm) on Thursday. Pre-booking for Observatory is essential. No charges are made for events but donations towards the Sark Sanctuary and SAstroS would be appreciated. 


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Wishing everybody clear skies. 

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