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Art in the Park - Some Like It Hot

6 Jun - 30 Jun

Saumarez Park




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Illustrator Libby McIntosh has established a following for pet portrait commissions, characterful sketches and textile print collections. 

Having come from a fashion background and needing to relocate to Guernsey during the pandemic, it wasn’t long before Libby picked up a pencil and reignited her creativity. 

A few ‘odd years’ culminated in launching her own business and an established reputation for commissioned works including cars, home interiors, wildlife and more. Libby’s artwork is also available on cards and homewares. 

Libby's exhibition will be on view at the National Trust of Guernsey’s Art at The Park Gallery, The Folk and Costume Museum, Saumarez Park from Tuesday 6 June to Friday 30 June. 

Open 10am – 5pm seven days a week. Admission is free. The Museum is access-friendly. ­We look forward to seeing you!

Comments from Libby:

I had recently been working in interiors and our uniform was black. It really triggered me as I found something as simple as choice of clothing had disrupted me!

I am in love with animals. To the point where I would happily go and work for their benefit and potentially never come back.

This collection for me allows escapism and fantasy for those tougher days. I have really explored colour within this collection and totally agree with your first impression of ‘hot colour’.

I want observers to feel transported and hopefully discover a sense of nostalgia within my work. I think we all have experiences with animals from a young age and it’s nice to reflect on this.

I wanted the work to make people happy. I often went to the edible green house to spy on how ripe the apricot trees were and ended up gawking at a banana plant. Their texture and shape are so fascinating and the colours are insane! 

Part of me attempts to learn more about nature through drawing and I love the circular motion in which we relay facts about the world. Once upon a time researchers and explorers drew these beings and plants and brought them back. Now we watch Attenborough and say did you know… and list of a fact of an animal to one another.

I think there is still a romanticism of nature to us humans… and that’s where I’m thinking at the moment. It’s an appreciation really!

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