Beginners Guide to Photography with Paul Mariess

With a backdrop this beautiful, Guernsey is the perfect place to perfect your photography skills.

“It’s not the camera that takes great photos – it’s the Photographer”

Beginners Guide To Photography

Want to master your camera’s controls and start taking better pictures?

Get to know your camera and learn how to start taking great pictures with this 2.5 hour session on the essentials of digital photography. No on-line tutorial, this is a hands-on session with an experienced professional photographer.

What you will learn:

The basic principles of photography
Understand creative composition
Master your camera’s controls; shutter speed, aperture and ISO
Become a more confident photographer

My goal is to raise your knowledge and ignite your creativity, so you can improve your picture-taking immediately.

No on-line tutorials, no distance learning. This is face-to-face teaching; group classes or one-to-one,  you choose how you want to learn. 

Price per session:  £50 per person for group learning, or £75 for one-to-one teaching.

Visit the website to find out more. 

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