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Cobo Fish and Chips

One of the island’s favourites, Cobo Fish & Chip Bar is adjacent to Cobo Bay in the west, one of the island’s most popular beaches. With a selection of yummy food, Cobo Fish & Chip Bar will be there all year round to provide you with classic fish-shop delicacies.

Being one of the busiest beaches, not only does Cobo host one of the best fish and chip shops on the island, it also has many other restaurants, bars and shops where you will find all you need for a beach day out. Cobo really is the perfect place to go if you’d like entertainment for all the family.

Cobo Bay also offers one of the most amazing sunsets anywhere in Guernsey, so if you’d like to enjoy a beautiful sunset along with the freshest fish and chips, Cobo Fish & Chip Bar is the obvious choice!

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