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Guernsey Aquarium

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The Guernsey Aquarium is housed in La Vallette tunnel at the southern end of St Peter Port. There are currently forty-seven separate displays, ranging from local sea fish to European freshwater fish, and finally to tropical marine fishes, anemones and invertebrates of various kinds. Also on display are frogs, toads, terrapins, snakes, and basilisks, our resident lizards.

All fish are fed 2 -3 times every week on squid, beef heart, sandeel and sometimes sprat as well as a once a week supplement of flake food to supply necessary vitamins and trace elements. The lizards are fed fresh fruit three times a week and live insects e.g. crickets and locusts, twice a week.

Opening: Open Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm,Sunday 10am-6pm

Accessible using the following bus routes: Walking distance from Town Bus Terminus
Perry's guide reference: Perry's Town Map, N13

For further information please contact.

The Guernsey Aquarium

Telephone: +44 (0) 1481 723301

3 Guernsey Quality Accreditation